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Hi, I'm Marissa

Here's My Story

I’m that YouTube coach for Business YouTubers.

As a business owner, working with me will allow you to incorporate space, systems, and scalability so you can operate your channel like a CEO creator.

My proudest accomplishment thus far in my business is that I’ve been able to help hundreds of YouTube Business Owners collectively gain over 400,000 subscribers, generate over $2 million in revenue, and create millions of organic views on the platform, while working way less.

My mission is to help 100,000 Business YouTubers decrease their workload, implement scalable systems, high performing team support, so that they have the opportunity for their channel to scale while they create epic content in just 2 hours per week.

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For a big chunk of my

entrepreneurial career, I spent years figuring out not only viral growth strategies and driving revenue with organic traffic, but also pinpointing what exactly makes a Business YouTube channel TRULY successful?

In the YouTube help space, there’s a ton of emphasis on the “how-to” strategy that a channel needs i.e. high-converting thumbnails and titles, snazzy video editing, responses to every single comment, a consistent posting frequency etc.

However the truth is,

busy business owners like you and I, do not have the time to complete the hundreds of youtube operations required to maintain the health of a channel. The number one thing that profitable YouTube channels have in common is the strong team behind the scenes that’s doing the heavy lifting with the SEO, pre & post-optimization, community engagement, scroll stopping video editing, and the graphic design assets.

I observed over the years that Youtubers suffer from burnout and overwhelm because they are in the “weeds” of their YouTube channel operations and don’t have the time nor energy to outsource these activities and figure out how to train someone to do it. As a result, things like income-producing activities and revenue often pay the price because of because of the huge YouTube demands.

This is when the Subscribers to Sales® Done-For-You programs and services were born.

Our STS® programs are industry-leading solutions that helps Business Youtubers build and train a YouTube dream team that 5X’s channel growth in 90 days or less – GUARANTEED, or we’ll work side by side with you until you achieve it.

Before my company, the subscribers, and millions of views, I was a civil engineer and specifically a bridge engineer for seven years – a fun fact that normally surprises people. I took a crazy leap of faith in March of 2017 into the world of entrepreneurship and quit my job to pursue my future with my online business. On the journey, I faced some very scary financial challenges, criticism, and several rock bottom moments where I almost didn’t make it.

Before my company, the subscribers, and I also became a digital nomad from 2018 to 2021 and lived in several countries around the world including Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Peru. I was so fortunate to be able to build my business while traveling. This is where my inspiration came to teach people how to impact millions of people from any part of the world in a way that is profitable for their business and most importantly conducive to their lifestyle.

Flashin’ Back Through My Highlight Reels

ASU Master's Graduate
At the top of my first career
ASU grad 2 e1696174836911
  • Part-time engineering Master’s student at Arizona State University (Graduated December 2016).
  • Full-time Civil/Bridge Engineer at the Federal Highway Administration
  • This was the year I discovered entrepreneurship and knew I was meant to create a business that I could call my own
My Leap of Faith Year
Last Day as an Engineer
Last Day as Engineer e1696175050453
  • March 2017 I left my 7-year career as a civil engineer to pursue online business
  • I started Ecommerce and created three shopify dropshipping and Print onDemand stores
  • Spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out Facebook Ads
Booking a One-Way Ticket Across the World
Digital Nomad Life Begins
2018 thailand
  • Booked a one-way ticket to Thailand (then Bali) and began my journey as a digital nomad
  • April 2018 - I started posting seriously on the Marissa Romero YouTube Channel
  • Reached my first 4,000 email subscribers
  • October 2018 I had my first $10,000+ month online from my YouTube organic traffic
An Affiliate Marketing Digital Nomad
Affiliate Marketing to Course Creation
Peru 2019
  • Took my YouTube business on the road and traveled to 12 different cities in Mexico & South America
  • Evolved as a ‘full-time’ affiliate marketer to course creator and designing my own curriculums
  • YouTube channel gained 11K+ subscribers in ONE month
  • Hired my first contractor and video editing team
Subscribers to Sales® Course Launched During Quarantine
“We all know what happened in 2020”
this is the 2020 pic
  • I got engaged!
  • March 2020 my channel of 91,000 subscribers was hacked and deleted (don’t worry Google recuperated it one month later)
  • May 2020, I launched Subscribers to Sales® the course, self-paced version and welcomed over 50 new students
  • June 2020 I crossed 100K subscribers on YouTube
  • Invested 5-figures in a business mastermind
  • Spent the pandemic in Medellin Colombia
Relocated back to the U.S. After Finding Out I Was Going to be a Mom
Finding out the best news of my life
2021 back to cali e1696175090884
  • September 2021 I found out I was going to be a mother!
  • Fall 2021 - rebranded my lead magnets, launched new low-ticket digital products
  • December 2021 - relaunched Subscribers to Sales® with a brand new curriculum
  • Expanded my team including YouTube channel manager and CX specialist
  • My fiance and I arrived back home in California from Mexico
  • Crossed over 350 members in our Subscribers to Sales Course programs
My First Baby Boy, Kai, was Born
Year of Rebirth
2022 kai
  • I got married
  • I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Kai in May 2022.
  • I took a maternity leave for three months while my business profited 30%
  • Expanded the team to 6 people including our operations manager
  • The end of 2022 marked the beginning of a big BOLD pivot in everything I had built since 2018
  • My new son inspired a HUGE change and evolution in me
  • Subscribers to Sales YouTube Channel was launched
2023 - Current
Subscribers to Sales® Done-For-You Agency was Launched
My Year of Extreme Growth
2023 pic e1696175218183
  • Decided to switch from a course creation business model to a Done-for-You Agency Model and serve our clients on a new level
  • My YouTube channel switched niches to the online journal of a high-achieving entrepreneur
  • Officially became a digital nomad family with our return to work and stay in Colombia
  • The Subscribers to Sales® brand went from a course to a Done-For-You Program where my entire team has a hand-holding approach in 5X’s our client’s YouTube growth


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