I'm Marissa

I’m the founder of Subscribers to Sales® which is a company that helps coaches, consultants, and experts impact & scale more on YouTube without the burnout, while also working less.

I’m passionate about making your YouTube channel support your dream lifestyle and business in a way that allows you to create in peace and profit sustainably.

My Team and I’s specialty is building and training a superstar YouTube team that helps you add an additional 6&7 figure in income with your channel, in peace.

Click the link below to see how we can help you install our Subscribers to Sales® pillars for more growth, less burnout, and more high ticket clients.

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6 step blueprint

Looking to Scale Your YouTube Channel?

Download The 6-steps to managing & scaling your thriving 7-figure YouTube Business in half the time.

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From Stagnant to SCALED on YouTube

YouTube Coaches & Experts, let us help you install scalable systems & a YouTube DREAM Team that will ignite your channel’s growth & lead flow.

This is the same strategy our clients have used to generate over $4M in revenue and gain 100,000’s of subscribers organically while their systems and team does the heavy lifting.

No Nonsense Advice on Scaling a Business YouTube Channel in Just 2 Hours Per Week

My goal is to help busy business owners incorporate a hands-off approach in managing their YouTube channel. It’s important as the CEO and content creator that their focus is on creating videos that scales brand awareness, leads, and sales, while the YouTube team ensures that the viral growth strategies are being implemented behind the scenes.

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Create Peacefully. Profit Sustainably.

Grab Your Free Subscribers to Sales® Blueprint

Discover the pivotal mindset shifts that allowed me to take 3 months completely off from my YouTube channel and business and still profit over 30%!

I’ll show you my signature YouTube workflow that will save you 10+ hours during the week and is optimized so all you’ll have to worry about is creating epic content and while your channel scales!

Stop the Vicious Cycle of Slow Growth and Overwhelm Once & For ALL

Access the Masterclass by Marissa INSTANTLY

In just 40 minutes, you’ll learn the four assets it takes to have a sustainable YouTube business that is an absolute joy to run, so you can step into those CEO creator shoes and ditch the overwhelm PLUS…


What People Say

Check out our Wall of Love from our Subscribers to Sales® Clients.
Carmen and Darius Britt
Carmen and Darius BrittWealth Nation YouTube Channel 165,000+ Subscribers
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We were always worried about where our next client was coming from because all we knew was the traditional and “old school” marketing methods. After working with Marissa, we made 6-figures in 4 hours just 8 months after creating our channel." We’ve been working with Marissa for over 4 years now and it has completely transformed everything from wondering how we’ll pay our next rent check to a 7-figure YouTube business.
Hannah Gardner
Hannah Gardner 70,000 subscribers
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I started learning from Marissa before I hit even 1,000 subscribers, and now after taking Marissa’ course, I hit over 70,000 subscribers! Marissa has taught me everything I know. My AdSense check this month is almost $3,000 and then on top of that, I just got my biggest sponsorship payment yet, a $3,200 sponsored video slot from one of my sponsors.
Karen M
Karen M17,000 subscribers
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After STS, my channel grew to over 17,000 subscribers! One video ALONE generated me over $32,000 in sales
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