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Let's Add More Profits Per View

There has never been a better time to add a suite of ways to get paid from your YouTube views. Every Business Creator needs THESE FOUR recurring revenue streams!

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Don’t just count on Google Adsense! 

If you’re doing business on YouTube, then you must be building your email list (& selling to that list), making sales with digital products, and capitalizing on affiliate marketing! 

This is exactly why I created YouTube Monetization Lounge

Main ML Mockup

In Monetization Lounge, you’ll learn the same strategies I used to make $6k in 6 days with a low-ticket digital product, clone the same funnel I used to generate $100K in affiliate marketing commissions my first year on YouTube, and build a list of email subscribers that are primed to buy your products and services (i.e. coaching, courses, e-commerce, mobile apps, memberships, joint ventures, you name it you can sell it).  

You'll be able to clone the same methods, funnels and strategies I used to generate 6+ figures with EACH stream of income.


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Maybe You're Ready To:

Be in the High Six-Figure and Seven-Figure Creator Range and join the TOP 1% of Professional YouTubers. 

Grow your email list with ready to buy subscribers and not just ‘freebie’ seekers that won’t take action. Your list is your most powerful source of traffic.

Easily Implement four strategies to GET PAID and grow your audience while making sales & commissions in a fun and rewarding way.

Understand how a low-ticket mini course can sell more of your coaching and higher ticket programs (& bring you a $1k – $3k cash injection within just 7 days)!

Let's Grow Your YouTube Audience And Revenue At The Same Time

This tutorial bundle, filled with done-for-you funnels and email marketing templates will help you create multiple cash injections into your business.

In YouTube Monetization Lounge I'll show you..

By implementing the material in the YouTube Monetization Lounge, you’re literally building a financial MOAT 🏰 for your YouTube Channel and Business.

Don't worry about tech! I got you covered because the framework and templates are already done-for-you. Have these assets up and running within days!


This offer won't be valid any other time, the normal price is $697

Here’s what you’ll get Instant Access to:



I’ll take you through a step-by-step process to build the ONE lead magnet funnel that generated 15,875 hot leads in one year (& 50,000+ up to date) from YouTube. This one ebook style freebie has been the foundation for my business generating multiple six-figures all with organic YouTube traffic. I give you the plug and play templates to duplicate this same lead magnet for your YouTube channel!

What’s Included: 

  • 4 Video Tutorials
  • A Done-for-you lead magnet shared funnel (landing page & Thank you page)
  • A lead magnet training pdf guide for easy implementation and reference 

[BONUS] Two profit-driven Lead magnet ebook templates included

[BONUS] Get 10+ Proven high-converting lead magnet ideas for YouTube

module 2


My first $500K of revenue I can attribute to the “follow-up” and emailing to my list. 

Email marketing has the potential to make you more than Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, and brand deals combined. I’m walking you through how to create an autoresponder meaning, you set up automatic emails once that do the heavy selling for you FOREVER. Ultimately, this protects your YouTube business no matter the state of the economy.


What’s Included: 

  • A 5-Day Email Sequence Template to nurture and sell to your list (no need to think I’ll tell you what to write)  
  • 3-video tutorials on how to create and build out this email campaign
  • Compatible with any email marketing platform


Imagine a $1k, $2k, or $6k Cash injection! 

I’ll help you come up with a low-ticket mini-course idea, design it, price it for profit, and sell it like hotcakes.You do not need to ditch your current business model, a mini-course / low-ticket digital product will help bring in more bottomline revenue and drive traffic to your other higher ticket offers!  Create a small and simple mini-course that your audience literally won’t be able to resist at a no-brainer price point.

What’s Included: 

  • 3 Video Tutorials
  • Guides on selecting course topic (& naming it), creating a quick win for customers, outlining your course, and creating the content
  • A done-for-you sales page workbook. Fill in the blank copy to get your viewer from Cold to Sold!

[BONUS] How to create the membership & checkout page for your course 

[BONUS] How to integrate payment processors to your checkout and sales page – sell on autopilot 

Module 4

Affiliate Marketing Commission Booster

Affiliate Marketing was literally the answer to how I was going to pay my rent and bills when I first got started on YouTube. I went from zero income to then a $13K month in affiliate commissions 5 months later.  I’m breaking down everything A-Z about affiliate marketing and where to find the products that pay top commissions 

What’s Included: 

  • 3 Video Tutorials 
  • A library of the types of AM products you can promote
  • The top AM mistakes to avoid, the top networks to find affiliate offers

[BONUS] My EXACT Done-for-you affiliate marketing shared funnel (landing page & bridge page) that made me 6-figures in commissions my first year on YouTube

Your YouTube business deserves these timeless and sustainable streams of income that you can leverage for years to come!


This offer won't be valid any other time, the normal price is $697.00

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