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WARNING: For Legitimate YouTube Business Experts ONLY. This material will NOT work if you’re just dabbling and not ready to dive in and implement with laser-focused effort. You’ve been warned, proceed at your own risk.

The Last “YouTube for Business” Curriculum You’ll Ever Need.

Learn The Anatomy of a YouTube Channel That Scales Your Revenue to multiple 6 and 7 figures while creating content in just two hours per week.

STS Biz Program Upsell 2

Here’s Everything Covered Inside The Subscribers to Sales® Business Program

My signature 3-Phase framework for an income-generating, visibility-boosting YouTube channel (that gets the YT algorithm promoting you) within just 30 days from now!

The science of YouTube Branding, why this is arguably the most important thing to scaling your channel and the exact roadmap on how to increase your Click Through Rate with your next video (AKA get more clicks).

The entire ecosystem of launching / relaunching, maintaining, and scaling a YouTube channel that routinely attracts leads and closes sales for your business while supercharging brand awareness.

My First Page FAST Keyword formula that positions your videos on the first page of YouTube within weeks, ignites brand visibility, and catapults you to the top of your industry.

My Scripting for Sales template that has viewers craving to take the next step with you and creates the “shut up and take my money” effect every time.  Troubleshoot your stagnant YouTube growth once and for all.

Our process for incorporating ironclad YouTuber routines and habits in a way that prevents burnout forever and gives you a seamless content creation workflow to create videos FAST. 

My YouTube ‘Analytics That Amplify’ model is important for business owners on YouTube because you’ll know exactly how to improve your content to increase your ROI and build a solid community for YEARS to come.

Normally, this material is only available through our FAST TRACK & ASCEND  programs ($6K+ & $14K+ investments) – but we’re making this available for those who enrolled in STS Systems or Monetization Lounge.

STS Biz Program Upsell 2

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(The program is normally sold for $2500)

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This page is tailored for the 5% of readers who are ready to confidently take their business to the next level with YouTube and finally take control of supercharging brand authority, adding 1000s of leads to your funnels, and fire up a 24/7 sales machine that serves as an organic traffic moat for your business.


If you're nodding your head "yes" to any of these, then Subscribers to Sales® Biz Program is definitely for you!

Grab it Today for Only $297

(The Program is normally sold for $2500)

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There is a clear distinction with a channel that burns you out and one that’s optimized to impact globally and profit sustainably.

Simply put… If you do not have the backend YouTube optimization understood, you will be stuck uploading videos praying they get traction, feeling like it’s a slapped together effort, never understanding how the algorithm really ticks, missing out on free leads that should be going to your channel but they’re going to your competitor’s.

If you succeed, however, you will enjoy: creating videos that churn out views, leads, and 💰 sales for months, even years, after you’ve created them, being discovered daily by videos that pre-sell your offers that bring your business and brand global awareness and a 6-7 figure content machine for years to come p.s. (you’ll never have to bother with traditional social media 🙌🏼).

Subscribers to Sales® Business Program will show you how to get there.

Phase 1 Launch

Launch or Relaunch your channel with unshakable foundations. The idea is to build the ‘motor’ of the channel to position it for exponential growth. Once launched, the idea is to fast track momentum and get an initial view, subscriber, and lead generation boost.

Phase 1: Launch

You’ll learn how to develop the foundations of a profitable and algorithm-attracting Youtube channel 

  • Content pillar establishment & niche positioning for the YouTube algorithm
  • Establish rock solid routines/habits and nailing your content creation systems.
  • Produce videos like a pro with just your smartphone! (no experience needed).
  • Film your video with confidence after using our Scripting for SALES Template
  • Editing tutorials on a Mac or PC
ASSETS Included:
  • The Rich Niche Workbook – establish channel purpose & pillars
  • Complete Title/Keyword Breakdown: First page Fast Formula  
  • Complete YouTube Filming & Equipment list for all budgets
  • Our Scripting for SALES Template (Part 1)
Phase 2 AMPLIFY v2

Within minutes, learn how to trigger the algorithm for maximum exposure with titles and most importantly, to start attracting your ideal customers and clients.

Phase 2: Amplify

You’ll discover how to amplify the growth and lead generation of each video published with titles, thumbnails, and CTA’s that sell

  • My First Page FAST keyword research formula, get on the first page of YouTube High converting
  • Thumbnail creation – learn the secrets to getting thousands of more clicks Amplify your lead generation with calls to action in your scripts that are geared for conversions and ROI – this is how you create an evergreen sales machine!
  • High-converting video strategy broken down i.e. ideation for creative intros & scripts, calls to action, organic video ads for all videos, and outros
ASSETS Included:
  • Pre-Optimization (SEO, tag, cards etc.) Upload Checklist 
  • Level Up Title Formula to attract Suggested Traffic (the most powerful kind of YouTube traffic) Get competing channels promoting your videos!
Phase 3 LEVEL UP

Understand which YouTube Analytics Level Up your channel and ROI and how to analyze them in just 30 minutes per week. 

Phase 3: Level Up

You’ll be introduced to the analytics in your YouTube Studio to easily understand and double down on what’s working well!

  • Click N’ Grow – a lesson on post-optimization hacks for visibility (AKA what to do after you publish a video) 
  • Learn the key metrics that move the growth needle forward no matter what your subscriber count is.
  • Identifying gaps and opportunity to improve your watch time retention
ASSETS Included:
  • ‘N Grow Tutorial – Le
  • Community Tab Checklist – 
  • Click ‘N Grow Tutorial – Learn how to distrute content to different social medias with just a coupel

For the aspiring 6-7 Figure YouTubers and Business Experts...

If you want this to be your year that you finally commit to:


STS Biz Program Upsell 2

Grab it Today for Only $297

(The Program is normally sold for $2500)

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